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About Solutions Optimum

Want to learn more about Solutions Optimum? We leverage combined digital expertise and best practices in a variety of ways that grow your business, including local search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads PPC, and Facebook and social media advertising to create engaging content that gets you high-value clients by driving regional search rankings.

We partner with high caliber, local, and established businesses such as yours to deliver best-in-class local discovery, more search impressions, more phone calls, and more customers through the Internet and digital media. Call us today at (360) 454-9777 or send us a message to grow your business!

Jesse Kirkendall

CEO and Cofounder

Some imagine success. I help you engineer it. Ingenious ideas get ingenious results. As the CEO and cofounder of Solutions Optimum, I understand how businesses grow digitally and the critical relationship between software and services, what is known as SaaS, in today’s busy market.

I oversee the overall research and development direction of Solutions Optimum, as well as our strategic and commercial aspects. Keeping industry partnerships healthy and collaborating businesses profitable is my passion.

Joshua Baldwin

Chief Solutions Architect and Cofounder

As a software engineer, I know how software and the rise of the Internet will shape the future. As the chief solutions architect and cofounder of Solutions Optimum, I understand how to leverage data and the capabilities of Google, Facebook, SEO, and SaaS to grow businesses and help them thrive.

I oversee our client acquisition solutions and technological processes here at Solutions Optimum, as well as plans for future growth, innovation, and thought leadership. Achieving best-in-class business growth for our partners by leveraging the capabilities of Google, Facebook, SEO, and software is my passion.

Who We’ve Worked With


The name of the company is Solutions Optimum but it could be called Optimum Solutions because there are hundreds of solutions based companies yet few qualify to be optimal. The team has that unique balance of technical, interpersonal and creative skills to solve so many problems faced by SMB today. If you are in conversations with these guys, get the deal done and you'll be on your way to solving your digital marketing needs.

Russell Gohl


They are very knowledgeable. Any questions are handled in a quick and professional manner. I would definitely recommend this team to any and all.

Angela Bryant


If you are looking for a team that stands out, look no further. Jesse has set Solution Optimum apart from the rest of the field. You can hear it in his voice! Thank you for your support Jesse.

Gabriel Church


Productivity. We strive to achieve the golden standard in all we do here at Lead Media Solutions. Solutions Optimum put a road map in front of us to actually achieve the level of productivity we had in our minds eye.

Corey Sylvia


From the first video call you can tell that not only they know VERY well what they talk about but they also have this enthusiasm that is contagious. Feeling lost with SEO and what to do next? Talk to them and you’ll see what I mean! Professional, knowledgeable, encouraging and will make sure you understand all the steps, the process and are happy with the plan of action! Thank you!

Gerard Regot


Who needs SEO? Or PPC? Is the future really Saas? The answer is yes! This team simplify’s the most difficult parts of marketing in today’s busy market. Jesse, thank you for running such a clean and helpful organization. 5-stars, month in month out.

Michael Grothe


Marketing in today’s world feels a bit icky. Any other business owners out there get that same feeling? Solutions Optimum helped us navigate common industry pitfalls & helped us learn how to present ourselves as the cutting edge and trustworthy company we really are! Outperforming our competition just got a whole lot easier.

Ryan Ramos


Our Client Acquisition Services

We’re Internet hitmen. We are good at what we do, and we want to grow your business. Do you need to get to the top of your game in any of these areas that we are good at?

If you want to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in these areas, let’s get in touch. Feel free to call us today at (360) 454-9777 or send us a message. Consultations are free!

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