SEO Pricing

Search Engine Optimization pricing is very complex and depends on a variety of factors. We will perform a free professional analysis and create a custom quote on these projects.

Depending on how much work is required, actual total costs may differ from quoted costs. Here is what goes into building out these quotes:

Intro Session Package

In the Intro Package, we perform an evaluation of your website’s onpage content to assess its strengths and weaknesses, and identify improvement opportunities. The costs of a full intro analysis start at $200 for websites containing 100 or fewer URL’s.

WordPress Migration

Since all of our in-house expertise and onpage SEO software tools are built to be used on WordPress sites, we will quote a WordPress migration for non-WordPress sites. We use CMS 2 CMS as our migration provider, and we simply pass along their migration charges to you at zero markup.

New Website Build

Alternatively, if you would rather have us design a new WordPress website for you from the ground up that includes full keyword optimization, we will quote you a price for that work.

Onsite and Onpage SEO: Website and Page Redevelopment

For the onpage and onsite SEO component, we will do the work of rewriting, reformatting, and restructuring your content to correctly integrate the keywords that Google is attempting to generate search results for.

Content Creation and Redevelopment

Since the SEO process requires you to create the best indexable content on your website for Google, we charge $200 for every new webpage that we write a significant amount of content for, or $50 for each webpage that must be rewritten from existing prewritten content. The costs of writing page content can add up quickly. Clients who write the content of webpages themselves or point us to content we can use can save significant amounts of money.

User Experience Improvements

Additionally, we apply our User Experience (UX) tools to your site to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Divi, our multisite license full-studio WordPress UX development software tool suite by Elegant Themes, does this process cleanly and efficiently. We will include a perpetually licensed Divi installation to your WordPress site.

Offsite SEO: Backlinks and Domain Authority Building

In this step, we act as a business consultant. We use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz to evaluate your existing backlinks and identify improvement opportunities.

Offsite SEO Status Report

We will deliver you a report on the current status of your website. The report will contain a checklist of actions that your business should take to unify your social media presence, and will show you how your backlinks measure up to your competition’s backlinks. This initial report costs $350.

Backlinks Campaign

We will then offer you a $250 or $500 backlink-building campaign, depending on how many backlinks we think you will likely need to rank. Depending on the types and existing quantity and quantity of backlinks you have, our campaign will add the right mix of backlinks to bring you to the ideal mix of backlink types.

Professional SEO Backlink Building

Each backlink-building campaign is run by a team of professional SEO contractors and requires about a month to complete. After each campaign, we will give you a report of how the latest backlink-building campaign improved your SEO, and recommendations on future backlink campaigns.

A Note of Caution on SEO

In our experience, SEO can get expensive, especially in high-dollar, high-competition niches. SEO is a powerful tool to have at your disposal, but it is also a very expensive and time-consuming process that might not produce immediate rewards.

Additionally, search engine optimization is rarely, if ever, a “one and done” process. Your website will need ongoing maintenance and periodic press releases and link-building campaigns to remain at the peak performance and optimization levels that you are paying for. These costs can be difficult to accurately forecast, especially since competitor sites are frequently improving onpage content quality and adding offpage backlinks as well.

Although we warn you to expect unpredictability, we try to hedge our bets around what we have seen competition websites do. We are only human, and while our guesses can be wrong, we have gained significant experience at estimating SEO work that is hard to find elsewhere.

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