Listings Management

Our Listings Management service is a great way to increase a business’s online presence! We build out directories on some of the most popular business listings on the web, which can help a business get found online and increase citations pointed at a website! We work with all types of businesses such as service, retail, ecommerce, and many others.

Professionally managed listings management take the heavy lifting out of managing your online business listings. Every business owner needs to manage their reputation across numerous business listing websites, and often find this process to be painstakingly difficult. Solutions Optimum offers a software solution that manages this for you and brings all of these business listings together in one central place.

$190.00 for each 1 month


Product Information

Before we can start managing your listings, there will be a short setup time period. During the setup time period, we will complete the following tasks:

  • Listings Manager Setup
  • 70 + Directory Listing Subscription
  • Google Business Listing Optimization (Once Access Is Provided To Solutions Optimum)
  • Listing Manager Quality Assurance

Once your setup time period finishes, we will manage the following monthly linkbuilding tasks for you:

  • 70 + Directory Listing Subscription
  • Directory Listing Reputation Management
  • Directory Listing Client Login Access

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a directory?

A directory is a local business listing that contains a business’s Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) along with other details like website, social media links, business hours, and so on. There are a lot of directories and websites like Google, Bing, Yelp, 411, Foursquare and much more out there, and Google tracks directory presence and reputation as a ranking factor.

If you have already purchased an SEO campaign through Solutions Optimum, you do not need to purchase listings management service separately as it is included in all of our SEO packages. Our listings management service is designed for business owners who are doing most of their SEO work themselves but want access to our listings management tools to simplify the process of managing their online listings.

Where is the Listings Manager service available?

Currently, we only support directories for directory sites with a presence in the United States within our network. If you are signing up for our listings management service but are located outside the USA, you may not receive access to all of these listings. However, you will receive an additional 500-word article instead on a monthly basis as a substitute product.

Will you create a Google My Business or a Google Map listing?

No, our team will only be responsible for gaining access and optimizing your existing Google My Business Listings. If your Google My Business listing is suspended, flagged as duplicate, or has any verification issues, it is your responsibility, not our responsibility, to resolve any issues with Google.

How and where can I access reports?

You can always login to our dashboard to view listing metrics and statuses’, as well as a complete list of all of your listings.

If I cancel this service, what happens to my directory listings?

Solutions Optimum pays a monthly subscription to most of the directories in order to centralize them into our dashboard. Once canceled, the listing may be automatically cancelled out of their directories as well, unless you already had the listing prior to singing up for this service. If you already had the listing set up, it will simply revert back to its original state and you will not lose the directory itself.

We do not have or store any login credentials to any of the directories, as this is all done via API. Therefore, we have no control over what the directories themselves decide to do once this service is cancelled.