Search Engine Optimization

Our search engine optimization service is great for all businesses! Whether your goal is to dominate local search results for your geographic area or boost your organic search results at the national or even global level, Solutions Optimum’s SEO services are what you need to be successful.

Our services help website pages rank higher on search engine results pages, such as Google. Having website pages appear organically on Google is the ultimate goal, and this is the service that can help you do just that!  We work with all types of businesses such as service, retail, ecommerce, and many others, as shown in our case studies.

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Product Information

Basic Plan Plus Plan Premium Plan Elite Plan
Keywords 10 Targeted Keywords 20 Targeted Keywords 30 Targeted Keywords 40 Targeted Keywords
Blog Articles One 500 Word Article Monthly Two 500 Word Articles Monthly Three 500 Word Articles Monthly Four 500 Word Articles Monthly
Directory Listings 70+ Directory Listings 70+ Directory Listings 70+ Directory Listings 70+ Directory Listings

Our first month of running your SEO campaign will be the SEO launch month. During the SEO launch month, we will complete the following tasks:

  • Listings Manager Setup
  • 70 + Directory Listing Subscription
  • Google Business Listing Optimization (Once access is provided to DashClicks)
  • Listing Manager Quality Assurance
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Website Audit
  • Broken Link Audit
  • 301 Page Redirects
  • XML Sitemap Setup
  • Link Social Media Accounts to Website
  • NAP Optimization
  • Robots.txt Setup & Optimization
  • XML Sitemap Submission
  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console

Once your SEO launch period finishes, we will complete the following monthly tasks:

  • Account Review
  • Website Audit & Fixes
  • Toxic Backlink Audit & Disavow
  • Ongoing On-Page Website Optimization
  • Optimize Title Tags
  • Optimize Meta Descriptions
  • Optimize Image Alt Tags
  • Optimize Image Title Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Outbound Linking
  • Compress Image Sizes
  • Search Console Check
  • Broken Link Audit
  • 301 Page Redirects
  • Sitemap Check
  • Fetch & Render in Google Search Console
  • Monthly Progress Report
  • Monthly Ranking Report

At Solutions Optimum, we have put together the following case studies to showcase the quality of our previous work. View our Search Engine Optimization case studies here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to start ranking for keywords?

Every campaign is different, and some keywords have more search volume than others. In general, keywords with higher search volumes are more competitive, and therefore, are harder to rank for. While we track ranking movement and report that to you via our client portal, we have found that it usually takes anywhere from 3-9 months to start seeing rankings for competitive keywords.

How do I know which SEO plan is best for me?

Our SEO campaigns are built on different tiers based on the website’s page size. For example, if a website has 1 to 10 pages, they should be in the SEO Basic plan. If the website has 11 to 20 pages, they should be in the SEO Plus plan. If the website has 21 to 30 pages, they should be in the SEO Premium plan. If the website has 31+ pages, they should be in the SEO Elite plan.

You can still sign up a 30-page website for our SEO Basic plan, but that will slow the performance and speed to rank for keywords. The SEO basic plan only covers 10 targeted keywords, so we will optimize 10 of the main focus pages. That’s why we recommend sticking to that tiered structure for the best results for your clients.

What does the initial setup process look like?

The initial SEO setup process will take place on the first month. On the second month and every recurring month after that, regular SEO monthly optimizations will occur.

Do I need to pay both the setup fee and the monthly service fee together for the first month?

Both fees are charged when purchasing SEO services. For SEO campaigns, the setup time period takes 2-5 business days from the day you purchase your SEO campaign to the day that SEO optimizations begin. This is the time it takes for our team to gain access to your website and configure their SEO tools to identify opportunities.

Because of this setup time period, we will manually reschedule your second and subsequent monthly payment subscription to be billed 1 month after your SEO campaign goes live.

Where is the Listings Manager service available?

Currently, we only have United States, Australia, and United Kingdom directories within our network. If you operate your business outside the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom, you will not receive these listings. However, you will receive an additional 500-word blog article instead on a monthly basis.

What kind of content do you write every month?

We write blog articles averaging around 500 words. If you want, our team will provide some options for relevant topics you can choose from; otherwise, we will use our best judgment for blog article topic selection. Our articles are written in proper English by fluent English speakers located in the United States of America and are designed to pass plagiarism checks.

Will you post the articles on my website as well?

Yes, our Solutions Optimum fulfillment team will post the article(s) created to your website along with licensed images to make it look professional. Then, our SEO specialists will optimize those articles to get the best engagement and rankings.

Will you create a Google Map listing?

Unfortunately, we do not create Google My Business listings for clients. Our Solutions Optimum fulfillment team will only be responsible for gaining access and optimizing your existing Google Business Listings.

If the listing is suspended, flagged as duplicate, or has any verification issues, it is your responsibility to resolve the issues, not Solutions Optimum’s.

If you do not have a Google My Business listing, you can register for one at https://business.google.com.

Can I access reports on my SEO status?

You can always login to your Solutions Optimum customer dashboard to view your rankings for the keywords we’re tracking. You will also get real-time email notifications every time our team completes a task on your account. You can also view your Google Analytics metrics through the analytics section of your dashboard as well.

Aside from dashboard reporting, you will also receive white-labeled monthly progress and rankings reports during the first week of every month.

Do you provide link-building services with my SEO campaign?

If you opt into our monthly link-building service, we do provide link-building services with your SEO campaign. We will act in your behalf to acquire backlinks for you, and we will optimize your anchor texts (the text that is backlinked to your website) in accordance with best practices.

If you opt out of monthly link-building, all of our SEO campaigns come with directory listings, which is considered to be a type of citation link building.  Our SEO strategy is to build backlinks organically by creating captivating content pieces which can be shared and linked to organically. This is also included in all SEO campaigns.