Social Media Content Creation

Our Social Media Content Creation service creates and posts content for you on your most popular social media platforms on a recurring basis. Our services help businesses like yours increase your online presence and audience engagement. Original professional copy and trending hashtags are included with each post! We work with all types of businesses such as service, retail, ecommerce, and many others.

Professionally managed social media services develop and nurture organic social media engagement on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Consistent social media management builds a social media following of real people who are interested in your services and who want to do business with you, expanding your revenue streams. Professional social media posting will save you time, build your online consistency and reputation, and grow your business!

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Product Information

Basic Plan Plus Plan Premium Plan
Posts Per Week 3 5 7
Social Media Channels 5 5 5
Types of Posts Images, Gifs, & Industry News Images, Gifs, & Industry News Images, Gifs, & Industry News

Before we can start managing your social media accounts, there will be a short setup time period. During the setup time period, we will complete the following tasks:

  • Gain Access To Social Media Channels
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn And Pinterest

Once your setup time period finishes, we will manage the following monthly tasks for you:

  • Create Post Ideas
  • Write Original, Professional Copy
  • Design Original, Professional Graphics
  • Schedule Postings For The Month
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Pinterest

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we create social media pages or channels if I don't have them?

No, unfortunately we do not create new pages or accounts. You would need to create new pages or accounts and turn them over to us in order for our team to create content and posts on them.

What type of social media posts are included?

Our posting service is meant for maintenance-style social media posts. Our posts can include images, GIF’s, memes, and industry specific trending news. Unfortunately, we cannot legally create custom graphics representing your services or products. Our posts are also not branded with your logos and colors. Our content, although unbranded, will drive engagement with your business and improve the organic reach of your branded content.

Consequently, our social media content creation and posting services are perfect for any business owner who wants a service that will keep social media pages up-to-date with relevant, high-quality content that will drive engagement on a weekly basis.

If I hire your social media posting service, will I retain the ability to also create and post content?

Yes, you can post while we’re posting! The more the merrier!

You would just need to post directly on the social media channels themselves, not through our Solutions Optimum client dashboard where you can track your social media metrics.

What are social media channels?

A social media channel is a social media website. For example, Facebook is one social media channel. Twitter is another, Instagram is another, and so on.

Are custom graphics included when building out social media channels?

Unfortunately, no. If you do not have any social media channels built, we will build them and upload your existing logo and stock photography where needed. While we cannot create content that represents you, you can provide us will logos and photos that we can use, and we will be happy to make expert use of them!

Can I get reports or preview scheduled posts?

Yes! You can always log into our dashboard and view scheduled postings in calendar view. You will also receive monthly progress repots during the first week of every month.

If we ever have to cancel, do we keep our social media channels?

Yes of course! You will get to keep all of your social media channels, regardless of whether they were created by us or by you, and all of the content that we created and posted. All you will need to do is to remove access from our social media posting team.