What is the Website Leasing Program?

Our website leasing program is based on a new business model that is incredibly rare in the online lead generation industry. 

Quite simply, we build, optimize, maintain, and own beautiful websites that are targeted to bring in organic Google search traffic for your area and line of work. These sites are built in-house and search engine optimized to attract organic traffic entirely at our expense.

You simply lease the website from us and the leads that the website generates are yours.

This program is designed for the small business owner. Here are the advantages:


Business Owners who find SEO more effective than PPC!


Search Queries Consisting of 4 or More Keywords

Benefit 1: No Initial Design or Development Investments

Unless you are also a web developer, building a website and doing keyword research is a time-consuming and frustrating process.  People who have never built a website before will be confused by the dizzying array of tools, platforms, and website builders on the Internet that claim to be the best and promise quick, easy websites. Then there is the added frustration (and costs) of website testing, selecting domain names, DNS lookup tables, and registering with search engines.

Naturally, many business owners turn to the services of professional web developers to save time and hassle. However, web developer services are expensive, requiring a high initial upfront investment before any benefits are realized.

At Solutions Optimum, we aim to change this reality. In our website leasing program, you will not pay any of the upfront web development costs, since we own and build the websites. All you do is lease them once they are ready for use.

Benefit 2: No Permanent Contracts

We are a small business too, and we like to keep things plain and simple. When you lease a website from us, you will not be getting into any permanent contracts with us.

We understand that your business may change, so we simply charge a flat monthly, semiannual, or annual lease fee. You have the opportunity to opt-out at any time and for any reason if you find that our lease website no longer fits your business needs.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your lease, you are free to walk away from the lease without any penalty. You call the shots!

Benefit 3: No Website Maintenance or Hosting Costs

The costs of owning a website add up in both time and money, and we know it. Just like anything else, websites need ongoing maintenance to stay clean, modern, and fast.

By leasing a website with us, we take on the costs and challenges of maintaining the website so that you don’t have to. Since we own and operate hundreds of websites, we work on economics of scale. On the backend, each website is a fully optimized and standardized product built to our high standards, and anytime a maintenance item is necessary, we maintain all of our websites at once, maximizing uptime and greatly reducing debugging time.

While quality web hosting and maintenance can be expensive for just one website, these costs drop dramatically per website when hosting multiple websites. We host on the best providers and perform all of our maintenance ourselves, so you can count on quality Solutions Optimum for optimal website performance!

Benefit 4: No-Hassle Free 2-Week Trial Opportunity

Prospective clients new to Solutions Optimum have the option to “test drive” a lease website before leasing it.

As far as we know, we are one of the only technology companies out there who will offer you a free trial on a lead-generation skilled trade business package. Normally, if you are buying PPC or a search engine optimization package, you have to spend money before you see any benefit. With our website leasing package, you can make money before you spend a single penny.

We will connect any interested prospective clients to a lease website for 2 weeks. During these two weeks, the leads that come in are free and you have no contractual obligation to buy. Once those two weeks are up, you will decide whether to continue leasing the website on a monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis.

We are so confident that our website will overdeliver the results you want and supercharge the growth of your business that it will be a no-brainer for you to continue to lease our website!

Why This Leasing Model Works

Most markets and industries are good fits for our leasing program, and we are happy to evaluate any request to assess its potential. We work hard to ensure that each of our lease websites continue to grow your business, but we give you the right to opt-out at any time and for any reason.

We have built several leasing websites serving multiple industries and markets that have been highly profitable, and we are constantly exploring new opportunities to grow local small businesses using our innovative but proven techniques.

Each of our leasing websites is built on the same platform, uses the same support software tools, and is hosted on the same hosting provider. This allows us to save money on software licensing and deploy updates and fixes faster. It is also more cost-effective than supporting client-owned websites built on multiple platforms using a wide variety of tools requiring wide ranges of support software. Additionally, we have found that standardized websites make for faster, easier, and more manageable SEO costs.

Because of these savings, we are able to pass along quality websites and SEO work to our clients at a fraction of the cost of other professional web developers.


Searchers who Click on the First 5 Organic Google Search Results

Trillion Annual Google Searches


Users who Ignore Google PPC Search Results

Our Competitive Advantage for 2021

We are some of the only professionals that you will find who are so confident in the power of our web solutions that we will let you try out our lease websites for free before you buy in.

If we reached out to you about an opportunity for a website or SEO project, we did so because we already were performing an online traffic and website quality data analysis in your area. If you heard from us, that’s great news for you because we found a fantastic opportunity in your area and niche. We currently have a leasable website under development that will give your business a great return on investment if you jump on it!

Even in 2021, not all businesses have websites, or their websites are dated, insecure, or slow. Our lease websites are not like this. They are search engine optimized, modern, clean, attractive, and fast right out of the box. Ask us what we are putting together, and you’ll be in for a real surprise!

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